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Sheena Lim from PH wrote at April 14, 2010:
Hey cool stuff you have here! :) Nice clean page as well! Just dropped by to say hi. Love the entries.

Bianca from My parents! wrote at March 26, 2009:
Hi AJ!! This is the first entry of my million entries in your guestbook. I'm on my phone so I don't think it'll be too long (TWSS!) I love your website, it's so fresh & so clean clean. I can't wait to see our 677487397572747 pics we've managed to take in a span of a couple of weeks, and of course the failphoto folder starring the pillsbury doughboy! Hahahaha! Thanks for being a good friend and for whorebashing with me when I have nothing to do at work! It's officially Thursday so I'll see you tomorrow!! Woohoo!!
A.J. wrote at March 26, 2009:
Yeah I'm posting in my own guestbook. What!? Don't judge me LoL. I'm actually just testing this out to make sure it works and displays properly. Yup...that's what I'm doing. Everyone, please drop a comment. Thanks!